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Hiring The Right Marketing Agency

Your advertising agency works directly with you and other brands to create a variety of advertising campaigns for print, television, radio, and digital media. These agencies are staffed with teams that usually include graphic designers, content specialists, and account managers who work together to cohesively build effective and strategic advertising campaigns. In some cases, agencies […]

Which Social Media Platform Should I Use?

Starting a business and putting yourself out there can be overwhelming but exciting. You are on the journey of creating a space that represents you and many others. However, when it comes to promoting your business, what social media platform should you use? Today, it seems as if there is always a new emerging platform […]

Creating Effective Call To Actions

This is a story about creating the best Call To Action (CTA), and why it works so well. In my decade of marketing experience, if there is just one truism I’ve learned – it’s that some of the best marketing ideas that are first proposed are a lark. A joke. They are the crazy, out […]

Moving Indoors

Marketing In a Pandemic Over the last year, the global COIVD-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our economy, all businesses small and large have been affected. Now, more than ever it is important for communities to support local businesses and for local businesses to let the community know they are still open for […]

OOH Advertising – It’s not as scary as you think.

Out of Home Advertising Out of Home advertising accounts for a broad category of ads that reach consumers when they’re away from home. Ads on billboards, posters and transit ads are all considered OOH ads. Because of their reach, you can find OOH advertising everywhere after leaving your home. Unlike other advertising formats, out-of-home advertising […]

Maximize Content Distribution

If you work in the digital marketing industry you know how the content distribution process works: Plan an exciting article or marketing material based on that brilliant insight you had the other day. Do some research Organize your thoughts Put it all together Revise Send to co-worker for some feedback Get back to work, make […]