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Copywriting in Advertising 

What is Copywriting?

When you brainstorm ad text or prepare for a new campaign, you must add text. The intent behind your copy needs to carry your company’s identity. Whether you are selling a product or service, the goal is to be persuasive. 

Copywriting is a salesperson for a marketing company. The primary purpose of the copy is to pitch a sale to your target audience. You must understand your brand’s tone, timing, and trends for your messaging to work. 

Wendy’s Wit

For example, Wendy’s, the fast-food chain, has developed a sarcastic and witty persona online. It utilizes comedy to promote new menu items. If you look up their recent ads on youtube, it’s clear that they have no fear of putting their competitors on the spot. 

The tactic Wendy’s uses will not work for every brand, nor is it meant to be mimicked. It simply shows how committed that brand is to its tone. Consistency in copy will help distinguish your branding.

Copywriting and Marketing

Where does copywriting take place? Social media, pay-per-click, online advertising, and traditional marketing, such as billboards and magazines. Those outlets require sharp and short text. Humans’ attention span has gotten smaller with the growth of social platforms. The goal is to capture their attention within 3-10 seconds and hold onto it. 

The job of your advertisement is to promote your business, not inform. That is why your language plays a vital role in your development in creating a scene. The use of bold and strong wording paired with quality images or videos puts your best foot forward. If the task becomes complex, you may be overthinking it. There is always a simplified version of your big idea; it takes a moment to get it.

Evaluate your strategy and how you want potential clients to view your company. As you grow as a business owner, so will your branding. Finding the right voice in copy takes time, and it will undoubtedly change. Keep in mind that advertising and copywriting depend on each other for success. 

Every word in the copy must count.”

Statement by the marketing mastermind, David Ogilvy. 

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