If you are thinking of starting a business or have one, you most likely have a website or need one. A website gives your business an online presence and could be the first impression of your brand to a client. 

What makes a good website? We’re here to tell you. 

Easy Navigation 

The first thing to remember, your website should be easy to shop and browse. A customer shouldn’t have to click on multiple links to find what they’re searching for. Remember, you have just a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Don’t lose them simply because your site has a broken link. 

Be intentional when it comes to the setup of your site. Why is your menu bar in the upper left corner? Why does one section have four sub-tabs when the others have two? Functionality and services are what the site is providing for you online. 

SEO and Keyword Strategy 

People need to find your business. Take advantage of adding keywords that build your SEO. 

What are keywords? What is SEO? 

Chris Spencer, the founder of Creative Brands Marketing, uses the analogy of finding a book in the library. SEO is the directory at the library. A directory has a long list of book titles and information that may or may not be relevant to you. The book is your website. The thing that holds all your data for others to read. 

Hmm, how do you narrow down the lists? Keywords, keywords, keywords. Keywords help identify your business and its services from others. Great use of SEO and keywords will help your ranking on Google’s search engine. However, a misconception of this process is that results deliver in a week. Nope. It takes a few months for your website to gain traction from your SEO strategy. The wait is worth it because you are building organic traffic. 

Theme and Information 

“This looks aesthetically pleasing.” 

Ah yes, the use of the word aesthetics. It is overused but, it makes its point clear. If you were to glance at your website, what aspect is memorable and what is forgettable? Ego aside, this process can help enhance your design or layout. 

Web design and information go hand and hand. Your products and services description must engage your target audience. Too much copy could be overwhelming and may result in an exit. Showcase your brand’s tone on the website, add your personality and have fun. Make sure to keep it consistent. 

All in all, a website embodies you and your business. Find inspiration on social media, look up similar companies and check their website. Prioritize user-friendly navigation, simple copy, and strong SEO/keywords.


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