Which Social Media Platform Should I Use?

Starting a business and putting yourself out there can be overwhelming but exciting. You are on the journey of creating a space that represents you and many others. However, when it comes to promoting your business, what social media platform should you use?

Today, it seems as if there is always a new emerging platform that everyone hypes up. This can either be great for your business or cause unnecessary stress. As you continue to develop your online presence, we have taken the time to breakdown a few popular social platforms for you.


Facebook has proven its longevity amongst its competitors. You can launch campaigns, create your own group or be part of one and connect with your community. If your business is centered toward a specific area, then this is the right site for you. Updates, announcements, promotions, and reviews from locals can help boost your brand’s visibility. Facebook allows you to add mix media in one place. You can pin your website so it’s at the top of your page, upload videos and share short stories. The interactions can be consistent in one spot.


Pictures, pictures, and videos. The phrase, “a picture speaks a thousand words” sums up Instagram. Aesthetics, capturing and relevant will drive engagements onto your page. This site works well for businesses that have the ability to produce consistent images that align with their company. Once a person clicks on your page, they immediately see your content, unlike Facebook that requires a long scroll for posts. Businesses on this site can reach a wide audience with a strong theme and mixture of videos and graphics. If your business goal is to reach people beyond your city, then Instagram would be a top choice.


The legendary 140-character count limit, Twitter. Yes, the character count has increased but that is beside the point. Twitter is a great site to spread brand awareness and communicate locally and beyond. If your business is customer-facing and questions are continually being asked, then this site works best. It allows businesses to interact and connect directly to the customers. This site helps establish the brand tone.


The platform that has dominated trends and pushed out many influencers. The idea of going viral is by chance not by algorithm. This platform best suits a business that can showcase its work process. If your business relies on orders and you’re selling a unique product, this platform will suit you. Also, how-to videos do well so do not hesitate to give video editing a try and hop on new trends. This platform has severalcelebrities and influencers who interact and help promote ideas they believe in. One could say, it’s all about luck.

Social media is essential to the growth of businesses. No matter which platform you go with the main idea is to be consistent with your content and brand identity.

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