Moving Indoors

Marketing In a Pandemic

Over the last year, the global COIVD-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our economy, all businesses small and large have been affected. Now, more than ever it is important for communities to support local businesses and for local businesses to let the community know they are still open for business! A good way to do that is digital advertising!

How can digital marketing help you as a small business you may ask? To put it simply, it boils down to focusing your strategy on visionary elements, and we’ve got the solution for you––indoor billboards!

Indoor Billboards In Plain Sight

Indoor billboards allow for your ads to be placed in a more viewable location. While the traditional billboards are effective they are only in view for a few seconds as the cars drive by. Indoor billboards are visible as someone waits in line at the auto body shop, or in the doctor’s office waiting room, their customers can become yours! Naturally, heighten your brand exposure with eye-catching digital ads viewable to the general public! As many families sit down to eat and talk at local restaurants––your ad could be the talk of the table! Indoor billboards ultimately position your business in a visual space where a mind goes to wander. Not to mention, the Global Billboard Market has estimated that indoor billboards are a 3358.1 million dollar industry and growing!

Why This Matters

In short, indoor billboards are the next move in marketing. With Evolution Indoor Billboards, it’s a win-win situation. If you choose to become a host, your advertisements go to five other host locations for free!

Want to just advertise? You can do that too. Today, it’s become more important than ever to make lasting impressions on potential customers. With Creative Brands Marketing, you can make an impact with indoor billboards by placing them within high-visibility environments––what’s not to love about the idea? People often find themselves in idle moments where they allow their minds to wander. Let them wander to you! Bring your brand to the public with an indoor billboard today!

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